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  • "I just want to thank everone in the service dept. for your excellent work. While having my bike"s oil leak fixed the tech. noticed that the clutch was out of adjustment at the motor end. I took a long ride last sunday and it shifted like never before. I will enjoy riding way more this year! Awsome job!"

    Overall Rating:
    peter bernardo - elkton, MD
  • "if you have a problem see lee in parts. his vast amount of experience through the years will get you back on track. this establishment should feel lucky to have him !"

    Overall Rating:
    b m - DE
  • "Karl spent time to help pick out the perfect fit helmet, jacket and gloves for me. He also cut a spare key for my bike. It’s perfect. Thanks Karl."

    Overall Rating:
    Frank Poleck - Upperchichester, PA
  • "Pete made the purchase of my new 2022 Bolt a breeze. He was patient and really
    most helpful too.
    Lee's vast experience made outfitting/upgrading my Bolt easy-peasy"

    Overall Rating:
    cliff courbron - Milton, DE
  • "Overall a great experience indeed! Pete Clarkin made the sale and financing a
    completely painless experience. His help is greatly appreciated!!!

    Lee Clark made outfitting my new Bolt a breeze. His knowledge and vast experience
    was most evident. He patiently guided me through a myriad of choices to better
    personalize my new bike."

    Overall Rating:
    Cliff Courbron - DE
  • "A great experience in every regard........"

    Overall Rating:
    Cliff Courbron - Milton, DE
  • "I am a long standing customer of Powersports East. I have had very good experience in purchasing motorcycles, parts and service. I recently had my 2005 Honda Goldwing in for service. I had excellent treatment. Michael (Doc) called me just to let me know that my parts had arrived and my bike is going on the rack. I really appreciated the phone call and his advice on changing some items like the air filter since the Top Shelter had to be removed -this saved me quite a bit of money vs another scheduled service and having again to take bike apart. Powersports East is a great company to do business with. Joel Steinbrunner"

    Overall Rating:
    Joel Steinbrunner - Middletown, DE
  • "I purchased a Chinese motorcycle online from a different company. I brought it to PowerSportsEast to have it inspected and tuned up. Then were upfront from the very start that they didn't typically work on this type of vehicle and getting parts for them is very difficult. I accepted this and let them work on it. There ended up being a few things that needed worked on and indeed we had a hard time finding parts, but they fabricated exactly what I needed and left my bike in great shape. I have nothing but praise for this business and will be returning for any further motorcycle work. I'd like to give a particular shout out to Mike "DOC" Purcell. He's the employee I dealt with most and couldn't ask for a nicer guy. He called to give me regular updates, always told me exactly what what going on and how much the cost would be. It was a nice change of pace from some experiences of had with other shops in the business."

    Overall Rating:
    Anonymous - Newark, DE
  • "Phenomenal customer service!

    Coming from a job where each person gets compensated for their sale; I arrived at Powersports feeling welcomed with every interaction and everyone worked together as a team. I didn't feel like a number and worked with various employees to get the knowledge needed and everyone worked together to guide the purchase!

    Absolutely love my Rebel 500 with ABS as my first bike! With the customer experience, I received I'd be sure to recommend it to friends and family!"

    Overall Rating:
    Giovanni Lopez - Newark, DE
  • "I've been going here for years, and the service department is excellent. The service agents are very knowledgeable about motorcycles, and they work very hard to resolve any problems that you are having with your bike. Being from Philly, normally the dealerships there would have your bike for months and they would take forever to diagnose the problem. Not at Powersports East in Delaware. Take my word on that, have a problem with your bike, call Karl Zehner in the Service department."

    Overall Rating:
    Domonic Wilkins Sr. - New Castle, DE
  • "I've bought 2 bikes here from Doug and he's always been extremely helpful. I definitely get the feeling that he's personally invested in getting the right bike for me, rather than just making a sale. I've also had service done (both routine maintenance and crash repair) and the service department is friendly, fast, and very thorough. All around the staff is great and they made purchasing and maintaining my bike a pleasure. I haven't been to any of the events they host here, but it is nice to see a dealership invested in building a community. I'll definitely keep coming back!"

    Overall Rating:
    Nicholas Secamiglio - Wilmington, DE
  • Overall Rating:
    Paul Haney - Elkton, MD
  • "Holy smokes! No matter how far you need to travel to shop here, it will be worth it!"

    Overall Rating:
    Mickael McGuire
  • "Greetings, I live in the Phoenix metropolitan area and wanted to rent a bike on a recent business trip to Philadelphia. I found out about you from AdMo Tours and began working with Jim Ayers to set up a bike rental. What a great experience! The bike was great, but the service was outstanding!! Jim was very helpful in working with me to find the right bike. I own an FJR1300, and Jim worked to find a bike that would provide me a familiar riding experience. He also offered to rent an automatic FJR from the sales floor. With Jim's guidance, I eventually opted for the VFR800 and loved the bike! In Phoenix, I have worked with many motorcycle rental/sales dealerships and I always return to those offering the best service. None of these dealerships even come close to providing the service that Jim and Powersports East provide. I could go on and on with what impressed me about this experience, but a few things that really stick out: finding the right bike for me, remembering me and my situation with each call, accommodating my schedule for drop off, a deep product knowledge, and always going out the way to help. I am telling everyone I know about the experience and the great service provided by Powersports East. Thanks for making this experience such a positive one! Sincerely, Jason McCrae"

    Overall Rating:
    Jason McCrea
  • "Sir, the kind of service that I received from your employees is the difference between a dealership that says they welcome your business but don't show it, to a great one that says the same and then backs it up by showing you. I really appreciate the great service and the friendliness your staff bestowed on me. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Although I live in New Jersey and my local dealership is 35 miles from my house, I will be making the trip across the bridge for all future services and purchases. I also will be telling all of my friends about the great service I received from Powersports East. I know this letter is quite lengthy, but credit should be given where credit is due. Thanks for allowing me to express my sincere gratitude. Sincerely, Calvin Ennals"

    Overall Rating:
    Calvin Ennals
  • "Dear Brandy, I am pleased to be writing you this letter about the outstanding service and care that I have received from your service and parts department. I own a 2005 ZX-12r Ninja with low miles on it. I've received some custom work like chroming and powder coating the rims and brake calipers through a local customizer. My bike had been in his shop for almost three months, with the biggest problem being the brakes, or more specifically their inability to bleed the brakes. After getting my bike back at the end of May, it still had a host of issues. I decided to bring it to Powersports East for my 7500-mile service check 500 miles early. I had problems with the front brakes, the rear steel braided brake line too short, and the front wheel was not balanced properly. I did not ride the bike very much after getting it back from the customizer. The Solution!!! / Salvation!!!Starting with Rebecca Fasten, I can't say enough about how professional, courteous, and just a nice person to be around. Her coordination between parts repair was invaluable. The technicians, Mike, Turk, Joey, and the others that troubleshot the problems the customizer caused and repaired them are all just outstanding. Swain and the guys behind the parts counter did an awesome job finding the parts that the suppliers said were back-ordered. I think many times people think of the dealership as costing more, I was one of them. The cost I paid for my service was on par or even better than most custom shops, but your service is hands down some of the best I have ever experienced. The depth and knowledge in your store rival anyone around, bar none. I am proud to say that I am one of your loyal customers, and I look forward to bringing you not only my business, but I now have a friend about to buy a bike from you. As a retired member of the military, I know that leadership starts at the top and works its way down. From what I have experienced with everyone I've dealt with the leadership is doing quite. Sincerely, David Hardy"

    Overall Rating:
    David Hardy
  • "As a musician/entertainer, every year I tour the country by bike pushing anywhere from 15,000 to 30,000 miles. I've been in the Wilmington area for a couple of weeks visiting a friend while sitting out in the rain and finally I brought my 05 Sabre to your service department to have my brakes replaced before leaving town. As it is when you travel a lot, you tend to expect the worse not so much in service but getting over-charged for things. Having chosen Honda this time, I've been very fortunate to require little to no service while on the road (currently 78,000 miles from 3-years of the tours). In this instance where I wanted to squeeze every mile I could out of these brakes rather than having them replaced before I left home the last month (Phoenix, AZ); well, you guys turned out to be a real joy to find. My service guy (I believe it was Turk) took the time to personally give the bike a good once over and not only did a fantastic job with my brakes but even went above and beyond by tightening some routine maintenance issues that I normally do myself. I am not only pleased with the service and speed of service but that you also got me in quickly with an appointment to fit my schedule and came in below what I was expecting to pay. I am due for an oil change in another 1,000 miles, so I will stop by on my way out and pick up a filter and oil from you. It's important for me to support people who are good to me. Needless to say, I will be unhesitant in recommending your operation to anyone & everyone. When I get around to writing my articles on this year's touring you can bet that Powersports East will receive a prominent mention.Thank you very much for making it easy on me I am very pleased. I wish you folks the best in your future success! Sincerely, James Wright

    a/k/a Walker Caine"

    Overall Rating:
    Walker Caine
  • "I have always brought my bike here. You are women who are friendly, unlike other places. Work has always been excellent and prices are reasonable. Thank You, Jane DeHaven"

    Overall Rating:
    Jane DeHaven
  • "Dear Mrs. Nathan, On Thursday, May 27, my wife and I were traveling south on route 1 when our 1500 stopped running. Not being familiar with the area, I had no real choice but to ask the tow company to take it to the nearest dealer. Being two days before a holiday a weekend, I began to suspect this was the beginning of a long and unpleasant experience. While waiting for the tow truck, I had called your service department and informed them of our pending arrival. We began to feel better after speaking to a friendly service manager, who advised us they could at least look at it. That turned out just to be the beginning of a great experience. As we loaded the bike onto the flatbed, a customer of yours stopped to offer assistance and told us what a reputable dealer Powersports East was. When we arrived, we just got it off the flatbed when Jamie came out, tagged it, and asked what was happening with it. We hardly had the chance to catch our breath and take a lap around the showroom when Ken had already diagnosed the problem and coordinated with Jamie and Rebecca to get the part over-night. While we were thrilled at that point, it didn't end there. Kirk assisted us in getting a rental car to get to the USNA graduation (our first stop of the trip). We were of course advised of the option of renting another Goldwing or buying one first. The car rental agency was unable to pick us up for two hours so we asked about taxi service in the area. Jamie once again made a call or two and said there will be someone here shortly who can take you. The next thing we knew, we were on our way with Randy at the wheel! Throughout the process, Jamie and Ken kept us informed and provided us with likely timelines to assist us in making alternate plans constantly. They even installed a tire for us (a whole other story). Your crew at Powersports East could not have been more friendly, caring, kind, and professional! We cannot thank you enough for all you have done to keep that weekend intact for us! Warm Regards, Mike & Anna Scanniello"

    Overall Rating:
    Mike and Anna Scanniello
  • "To the employees of Powersports East, We wanted to express to you our sincere thanks for the generosity and assistance you offered our group. Your patience and helpfulness are truly appreciated. We honestly could not have completed our project without your help. We wanted to better explain our project. Our team was 1 of 4 groups of mechanical engineering students working to design, manufacture, and test a small, formula-based race car to be entered in a competition in California next summer. Our specific team was in charge of the car's powertrain, including differential, rear axles, rear-wheel hubs, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, and engine cooling system. (We were given a 511 cc ATV engine to start with). Each of these 6 systems required extensive design work and five of them required huge amounts of machining and manufacturing. We made a PowerPoint presentation documenting all of our work and progress which we showed to a professional engineer at our final project presentation on December 13, 2010. We also took numerous pictures over the last couple of months as parts were being manufactures and the car was being assembled. Thank you so much for your help and expertise!!! Sincerely, Members of Senior Design Team FSAE Powertrain"

    Overall Rating:
    Senior Design
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